The Great Debate: Why Use a Camera When Your Phone Takes a Pretty Good Picture?

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Okay, I admit it. There have been significant advances in phone photography, and people are using them to create some great content. But it's still a fact that professional camera systems leave phone cameras in the dust. Cell phones are fine for social media or casual snapshots, but try to blow up a photo from a phone file and things quickly degenerate. It has to do with the size of the sensor and the quality of the lens. Cell phones rely on software tricks to achieve a desired result from a tiny sensor. By comparison, the sensor in the Leica S camera is 50 times larger than the sensor in an iPhone.

And then there’s the limitation of the phone's small, single focal length lens versus the professional camera's various lenses dedicated to specific tasks. For instance, the situation might call for shooting at a slightly wide 45mm for a true-to-life perspective and to enhance the look of the model while taking in some of the background, or shooting portraits with a super-fast 100mm with vivid image sharpness and a gentle blur gradient, thereby preserving skin tones and isolating the subject from the background. In these situations, a phone's camera simply isn't going to deliver the results you want.

By all means, enjoy your phone's camera for its convenience and accessibility. But if you're looking for professional results, whether for your family photos or to promote yourself or your business, you'll be much better served by the advanced capabilities of a professional camera system.